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TM5007 7-PIN Round Transmitter for TowMate Wireless Lights

by Towmate
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Original price $135.00
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Standard 7-pin ROUND Style transmitter.

Introducing the Standard 7-Pin Round Style Transmitter, a versatile and essential addition to your towing equipment lineup. This transmitter is engineered to provide seamless communication with TowMate Wireless Light Bars, ensuring a reliable and efficient towing experience for both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Key Features:

Universal Compatibility:
Our Standard 7-Pin Round Style Transmitter adheres to the industry-standard 7-pin round configuration, making it compatible with a wide range of towing setups and vehicles. Whether you're hauling cargo cross-country or towing recreational equipment for a weekend adventure, this transmitter effortlessly integrates into your existing system.

Exceptional Weather Resistance:
The electronics within this transmitter are precision injection-molded to provide outstanding protection against the elements. It is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, heat, and more, ensuring consistent performance in any environment.

Seamless Integration with TowMate Wireless Light Bars:
Designed to work harmoniously with TowMate Wireless Light Bars, this transmitter simplifies your towing setup by eliminating the need for complex wiring. It transforms your setup into a wireless towing solution, streamlining your towing operations.

Effortless Operation:
Our Standard 7-Pin Round Style Transmitter simplifies the process of connecting your tow vehicle to your trailer or towed load. It ensures smooth communication between your vehicle and the light bar, allowing you to signal turns, brakes, and other vital information without the constraints of traditional wiring.

Reliable Performance:
Count on this transmitter to consistently deliver reliable performance, enhancing safety during your towing operations. It ensures that your TowMate Wireless Light Bar responds promptly to your commands, providing crucial signals to fellow drivers on the road.

Upgrade your towing setup with the Standard 7-Pin Round Style Transmitter and enjoy the convenience, reliability, and safety it brings to your towing operations. Whether you're a professional trucker or an outdoor enthusiast, this transmitter is an essential addition to your towing equipment. Make your towing setup truly wireless and stress-free with this dependable transmitter. Order yours today and experience the future of towing technology.

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