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Omega Link Grade 80

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Introducing Omega Link Grade 80 Chains – Unyielding Strength for Heavy-Duty Applications!

The Omega Link Grade 80 Chains are your reliable companion when it comes to heavy lifting and securing loads with utmost safety. These chains are built to withstand the toughest conditions and ensure your cargo remains secure during transportation and lifting operations.

Available in three different sizes, each offering remarkable strength:

1. 3/8'' Grade 80 Omega Link Chains:
- Working Load Limit (WLL): 7,100 LBS
- Breaking Strength: 28,400 LBS

2. 1/2'' Grade 80 Omega Link Chains:
- Working Load Limit (WLL): 12,000 LBS
- Breaking Strength: 48,000 LBS

3. 5/8'' Grade 80 Omega Link Chains:
- Working Load Limit (WLL): 18,100 LBS
- Breaking Strength: 72,400 LBS

The Grade 80 alloy steel construction ensures superior strength without compromising on flexibility. With a high Working Load Limit and exceptional Breaking Strength, these chains provide an impressive safety margin for your most demanding applications.

Whether you're involved in construction, rigging, towing, or other heavy-duty tasks, the Omega Link Grade 80 Chains will prove to be an invaluable asset in your toolkit. Their durability and performance are second to none, offering peace of mind while handling critical loads.

Upgrade your lifting and securing solutions with Omega Link Grade 80 Chains today! Rest assured that your cargo will stay firmly in place while you tackle challenging tasks with ease.



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