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Polyester Lift Sling Endless Round Sling Yellow

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$12.00 - $65.00
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Rated Capacity:

  • VERTICAL: 9,000 LBS (US typical capacity: 8,400 LBS)
  • CHOKER: 7,200 LBS (US typical capacity: 6,700 LBS)
  • BASKET: 18,000 LBS (US typical capacity: 16,800 LBS)

Comes with WARNING sheet and safe practice instructions.

Introducing our Polyester Lift Sling with a robust rated capacity, designed to handle heavy lifting tasks with ease and precision. This high-quality sling is engineered to ensure safe and reliable lifting operations, providing excellent load-bearing capabilities for various applications.

Key Features:

1. Impressive Rated Capacities: Our Polyester Lift Sling boasts impressive rated capacities, making it suitable for a wide range of lifting scenarios. The vertical capacity reaches 9,000 lbs (US typical capacity: 8,400 lbs), while the choker capacity is 7,200 lbs (US typical capacity: 6,700 lbs). For even larger loads, the basket capacity is an impressive 18,000 lbs (US typical capacity: 16,800 lbs).

2. Versatile Lifting Options: The sling offers three lifting configurations, enabling you to adapt to different load shapes and sizes. Use the vertical position for straightforward lifting, the choker position for secure gripping, or the basket position for evenly distributed loads.

3. Durable Polyester Material: This lift sling is constructed from high-quality polyester material, known for its exceptional strength, resistance to abrasion, and minimal stretch. Its rugged design ensures reliable performance even under demanding conditions.

4. Lightweight and Flexible: Despite its robust capabilities, the Polyester Lift Sling is lightweight and flexible, allowing for easy handling and maneuverability. Its flexibility contributes to efficient rigging and minimizes the potential for damage to delicate loads.

5. Safety and Compliance: Designed and tested to meet industry standards, our lift sling prioritizes safety in lifting operations. Its reliable load-bearing capacity ensures stability during lifting, reducing the risk of accidents or load failures.

6. Color-Coded for Identification: Each sling is color-coded based on its rated capacity, making it easy to identify the suitable sling for your specific lifting needs. This quick-reference feature enhances safety and efficiency in busy work environments.


The Polyester Lift Sling with its impressive rated capacity is ideal for a wide range of lifting applications, including:

- Construction: Lifting heavy construction materials, steel beams, and equipment on job sites.
- Manufacturing: Rigging and hoisting machinery or large components within manufacturing facilities.
- Material Handling: Lifting and moving heavy loads in warehouses, distribution centers, and logistics operations.

Choose our Polyester Lift Sling for its durability, versatility, and reliable load-bearing capabilities. Experience peace of mind knowing that your lifting tasks are supported by a top-quality sling designed to exceed your expectations and ensure safe and efficient operations. Elevate your lifting capabilities with confidence using our Polyester Lift Sling.


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