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Polyester Lift Sling Endless Round Sling Tan 12000LBS Vertical

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$17.00 - $173.00
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SKU EN120X04

Polyester Lift Sling Endless Round Sling 

Elevate your lifting and rigging operations with our Tan Round Sling, designed to meet and exceed industry standards. Featuring a distinct Color Code: EN120, this versatile sling provides unmatched strength and reliability for a wide range of applications.

**Key Features:**

**Impressive Rated Capacity:** Our Tan Round Sling is engineered to handle heavy loads with ease. It boasts impressive rated capacities, including:
- Vertical: 12,000 lbs (US typical capacity: 10,600 lbs)
- Choker: 9,600 lbs (US typical capacity: 8,500 lbs)
- Basket: 24,000 lbs (US typical capacity: 21,200 lbs)

These capacities exceed the typical ratings you'll find in US slings, providing you with extra safety margins and peace of mind during your lifting tasks.

**Unique Serial Numbers:** To enhance tracking and traceability, each sling we sell comes with a unique serial number. This feature allows for easy identification and maintenance tracking, ensuring the longevity and safety of your investment.

**Comprehensive Safety Package:** Your safety is our priority. That's why every Tan Round Sling includes a WARNING sheet and safe practice instructions. These documents offer essential guidelines and precautions to ensure safe and efficient usage, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.

**Versatile Application:** Our Tan Round Sling is designed for a wide range of lifting and rigging applications. Whether you're in construction, manufacturing, or any industry requiring heavy-duty lifting, this sling is your dependable partner.

Upgrade your lifting and rigging equipment to meet and exceed industry standards with our Tan Round Sling. Its exceptional rated capacity, unique serial numbering, and comprehensive safety package make it a top choice for professionals who demand the best. Elevate your safety and efficiency – order yours today!

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