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Endless Round Lifting Sling, Crane Rigging Hoist Wrecker Recovery Strap Purple 3000LBS Vertical

Original price $6.00 - Original price $30.00
Original price
$6.00 - $30.00
Current price $6.00

Our rated capacity is higher than typical US sling's!

  • Purple Round Sling
  • Color Code: EN30
  • VERTICAL: 3,000 LBS (US typical capacity: 2,600 LBS)
  • CHOKER: 2,400 LBS (US typical capacity: 2,100 LBS)
  • BASKET: 6,000 LBS (US typical capacity: 5,200 LBS)
  • Our rated capacity is higher than typical US sling's rated capacity.
  • Each sling we sell has a unique serial no. for tracking purposes.

Introducing our Polyester Endless Round Lifting Sling, the perfect solution for your crane rigging, hoisting, and wrecker recovery needs. This heavy-duty strap is designed to provide reliable and secure lifting and towing capabilities in a wide range of applications.

Constructed from high-quality polyester material, our Endless Round Lifting Sling offers exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to abrasion. Its flexible design allows for easy handling and maneuverability, making it an efficient choice for lifting and rigging operations.

With a seamless, continuous loop design, this sling provides maximum load stability and safety. The endless round configuration eliminates the need for additional hardware, such as hooks or shackles, simplifying the setup process and reducing potential failure points.

Our lifting sling is engineered to meet rigorous industry standards and has a high working load limit, ensuring its reliability and performance in demanding conditions. It is capable of handling heavy loads with ease while maintaining excellent load distribution and balance.

The versatile nature of this sling makes it suitable for various applications, including construction sites, manufacturing facilities, shipping yards, and automotive recovery operations. Whether you need to lift, hoist, or tow heavy objects or equipment, our Polyester Endless Round Lifting Sling is the ideal tool to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Invest in the reliability and durability of our Polyester Endless Round Lifting Sling for all your crane rigging, hoisting, and wrecker recovery needs. Trust in its robust construction and superior performance to enhance your operations and ensure optimal safety.



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