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Outrigger Pad Heavy Duty 30X30X2''

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Heavy Duty Out Rigger Pad 30X30X2''

Manufacturer Express Heavy Duty Outrigger Pad - Unparalleled Stability for Your Heavy Machinery

When it comes to supporting heavy machinery and ensuring safety on the job site, the Manufacturer Express Heavy Duty Outrigger Pad is your rock-solid solution. With an impressive 30x30x2-inch footprint, this outrigger pad delivers exceptional stability and durability. Here's why it's the ultimate choice for your heavy-duty needs:

Smooth Operator: The smooth surface texture of this outrigger pad minimizes friction, allowing you to effortlessly position and remove your heavy equipment. This feature not only saves time but also protects the surface underneath.

Built to Last: Constructed from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW), renowned for its exceptional strength and resilience, this outrigger pad is engineered to withstand the most demanding work environments.

Generous Dimensions: With a spacious 30x30-inch surface area and a robust 2-inch thickness, our outrigger pad provides ample support for even the largest and heaviest equipment, ensuring stability during operation.

Heavyweight Champion: Weighing in at 64 lbs, this pad can handle substantial loads with ease. Its rated capacity of 100,000 lbs ensures your equipment remains secure and steady, reducing the risk of accidents.

Crush-Resistant Design: Featuring a crushing rating of 200 PSI, this outrigger pad can endure extreme pressure without deformation, ensuring consistent performance and safety.

Timeless Black Finish: Beyond its exceptional performance, this outrigger pad sports a sleek black color finish that not only looks professional but also resists wear, maintaining its appearance over time.

Medium to Heavy Duty Excellence: Designed to excel in medium to heavy-duty applications, this outrigger pad is a versatile addition to your equipment fleet, offering unmatched stability and reliability.

Invest in the Manufacturer Express Heavy Duty Outrigger Pad and experience a new level of stability, safety, and durability for your heavy machinery. We stand behind our product's quality with confidence, offering you the peace of mind of reliable support. Trust in us to keep you grounded securely in the most challenging environments.

Remember our ME Quality Guarantee 

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