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Grade 100 5/16'' Binder Chain Transport Chain w/ Hooks

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SKU BTCG10H51620

Grade 100

5/16 in. Grade 100 Chain Transport Binder Chain w/ Celvis Grab Hooks

This 5/16 in. grade 100 chain is made of alloy steel, all chains are heat treated to maximize strength and increase elongation whick make the chain ideal for highly demanding work condition. The grade 100 chain is 25% stronger than grade 80 chain and just like the grade 80 one, the grade 100 one is coated with black rust preventive coating. Our grade 100 chains all have Grade 100 markings and come with steel tag with size and grade on it.

Brand: ME(Manufacturer Express)


  • Weight per 100 feet: 113 LBS
  • Length per 100 Links: 100 in.
  • Max. Inside Length: 1.01 in.
  • Max Inside Width: 0.49 in.
  • Working Load Limit: 5,700 LBS
  • Breaking Strength(Tensile Strength or Ultimate Load): 22,800 LBS

See Grade 100 Chain Specification for details. If you're looking for tie down chains for less demanding jobs, we have grade 70 chains and grade 80 chains available.

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