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1-1/2 Ton Lever Chain Puller Chain Hoist Lift

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Original price $164.97
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Introducing Our 1.5 Ton Chain Hoist Chain Puller Ratchet Lever Lift

When it comes to lifting heavy loads with precision and ease, our 1.5 Ton Chain Hoist is the perfect solution. Designed for reliability and efficiency, this chain puller offers exceptional performance and safety features that make it a must-have for your lifting needs.

Key Features:

  • Easy Free Chaining: Our 1.5-ton chain hoist system provides effortless free chaining, allowing you to quickly adjust and position the load as needed.
  • 360° Handle Rotation: The handle rotates a full 360 degrees, providing flexibility and convenience during operation.
  • Disc Brake for Safety: A reliable disc brake ensures that the load stays securely in place when in free chain mode, enhancing safety.
  • Premium Alloy Chain: We've equipped this chain hoist with a premium alloy chain known for its strength and durability.
  • Hardened Shipyard Hooks: The top and bottom shipyard hooks are hardened to withstand heavy loads and rigorous use.
  • Minimal Effort: Thanks to its short handle stroke, this chain puller requires less than 76 lbs. of force to lift the load efficiently.
  • Versatile Lift Height: Lift your load with confidence, thanks to the 5-foot lift provided by this hoist.


  • Rated Capacity: 1.5 Ton
  • Tested Load: 2.29 Ton
  • Standard Lift: Available in 5', 10', 15', and 20' sizes to suit your specific requirements.
  • Chain Diameter: 5/16 in.
  • Handle Length: 14-9/16 in.
  • Top Hook Opening Max: 1-1/4''

Please note that for optimal performance, the minimum load for this chain puller to work properly is 99 lbs.

Trust in the quality and efficiency of our 1.5 Ton Chain Hoist Chain Puller Ratchet Lever Lift for all your lifting tasks. Whether you're in the workshop, construction site, or any heavy-duty setting, this hoist delivers the reliability and strength you need. Elevate your lifting capabilities with precision and ease—order yours today!

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