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HWTX Hardwire Transmitter for TowMate Wireless Lights

by Towmate
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Upgrade your towing experience with the HWTX Hardwire Transmitter, specially designed for seamless integration with TowMate Wireless Lights. This transmitter is the perfect solution for those looking to enhance their existing light bar setup.

Key Features:

1. Effortless Compatibility: The HWTX transmitter is engineered to work harmoniously with TowMate Wireless Lights. If you're adding this transmitter to your existing light bar, make sure to match the wire colors of the transmitter and receiver for a hassle-free installation.

2. Reliable Wireless Connectivity: Enjoy reliable wireless communication between your towing vehicle and TowMate Wireless Lights. Experience consistent signal strength and responsiveness, ensuring your lighting system operates flawlessly.

3. Simple Installation: Thanks to our user-friendly instructions, installing the HWTX transmitter is a breeze. We've made it easy for you to match wire colors, making the setup process quick and straightforward.

4. Robust Durability: Crafted with durability in mind, the HWTX transmitter is built to withstand the rigors of towing. Its rugged construction ensures it can handle various weather conditions and demanding towing situations.

5. Enhanced Towing Safety: With the HWTX transmitter, you'll improve the safety of your towing operations. Ensure that your TowMate Wireless Lights respond accurately to your commands, providing enhanced visibility and signaling to keep you and others safe on the road.

Upgrade your towing setup with the HWTX Hardwire Transmitter and experience the convenience and reliability that TowMate is known for. Whether you're a professional towing service provider or a recreational user, this transmitter will elevate your towing experience to a whole new level.

Invest in the HWTX Hardwire Transmitter today and enjoy worry-free towing with improved lighting control. Don't miss out on this essential addition to your towing equipment lineup!

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