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PEWAG Grade 120 Chain Tie Down Transport 3/8''X20' with 2 EYE GRAB HOOKS

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SKU BTCG12H03820

Introducing the PEWAG Grade 120 Chain Tie Down Transport, now with added convenience and security featuring 2 Eye Grab Hooks.

At 3/8''x20', this chain stands out as the ultimate solution for heavy-duty tie-down and transport applications. With a Higher Working Load Limit, it becomes the top choice for demanding jobs where reliability and strength are crucial. Boasting a Working Load Limit of 10,600 lbs and a Breaking Strength of 42,400 lbs, this chain is built to handle even the toughest loads with ease and confidence.

What truly sets this chain apart is its Intelligent Profile and Optimized Bending Resistance, ensuring maximum performance in the harshest conditions. These features not only enhance durability but also make it easier to handle and manipulate during use, enhancing efficiency and safety.

Furthermore, the PEWAG Grade 120 Chain offers significant weight reduction compared to lower grade chains, allowing you to secure or lift the same load with fewer chains, ultimately reducing both cost and hassle.

- Working Load Limit: 10,600 lbs
- Breaking Strength: 42,400 lbs
- Weight: 1.75 lb per foot
- Material Thickness: 3/8''

With the addition of 2 Eye Grab Hooks, this chain provides added convenience and security, ensuring quick and secure attachment to various anchor points.

Whether you're securing heavy equipment, transporting goods, or tackling challenging lifting tasks, trust the PEWAG Grade 120 Chain Tie Down Transport with Eye Grab Hooks to deliver unmatched performance and reliability.

*NOT FOR OVERHEAD LIFTING! NEVER EXCEED CAPACITY. DO NOT USE FOR LIFTING PEOPLE OR LOADS OVER PEOPLE.* This precautionary reminder emphasizes the importance of adhering to safety guidelines for optimal usage and safety.

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