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ME Axle Chain with Wide J Hook Grab & Slip Hooks/Pair, 5/16in x 4ft Grade 70, Large Style J-Hook & Slip and Grab Hooks for J Hooks Towing - Not for Recovery, Extra Wide-Opening Hook, Chain Length 4ft, Grade 70

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Axle Chain w/ Wide J Hook Grab Hooks and Slip Hook - (Sold in Pairs)

Features and Benefits:

Large Hook Opening for Easy Attachment:
Our Axle Chain boasts a wide J hook opening that allows for effortless attachment under the axle and connection to the truck's frame. No more struggling or wasting time crawling under your truck – these chains are designed for quick and secure installation.

Optimal Air Bag Support:
Designed with the unique purpose of keeping your air bags up and in place during transport, these chains provide the perfect solution to maintain the integrity of your truck's suspension system.

Multiple Hook Options for Versatility:
Each pair of Axle Chains comes with three different-sized slip hooks and grab hooks, giving you the flexibility to adapt to various axle sizes and configurations. This versatility ensures a snug and secure fit every time.

Built to Last:
Crafted from high-quality materials, these axle chains are built to withstand the rigors of the road and provide long-lasting performance. You can trust them to hold up under heavy loads and challenging conditions.

Important Note:
Please be aware that our Axle Chain with Wide J Hook Grab Hooks and Slip Hook Pair is NOT DESIGNED FOR WALKING BEAM SUSPENSIONS. These chains are intended specifically for securing air bags and ensuring load stability.


  • Comes with slip and grab hook end. 
  • Chain Size: 5/16" x 4' Grade 70
  • Hooks: Large 7.5" Style J-Hook & Slip and grab Hooks 

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional chain-wrapping methods and ensure the safety of your cargo with our Axle Chain with Wide J Hook Grab Hooks and Slip Hook Pair. Whether you're a professional trucker or simply need a reliable solution for securing your loads, our axle chains are designed to simplify your load-securing process and provide peace of mind on the road. Invest in the quality and efficiency of our axle chains today. Your cargo deserves the best protection!

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