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8 Point Auto Tie Down Towing Kit

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Introducing our 8 Point Auto Tie Down Towing Kit – the ultimate solution for safe and secure vehicle transport. This comprehensive kit includes all the essential components you need to ensure a worry-free towing experience.

Key Features:

1. 4 Zinc Short Wide Ratchets: Equipped with 14' straps and chain ends, these rugged ratchets provide precise tension control, ensuring your vehicle remains securely fastened during transit.

2. 4 Wheel Lift Straps (2''x14' Chain End): Crafted for durability, our wheel lift straps are designed to securely cradle your vehicle's wheels, minimizing any potential movement during towing.

3. 4 Eye Eye Straps: Versatile and reliable, these eye eye straps offer flexibility in configuring your tie-down setup to accommodate various vehicle sizes and shapes.

With an impressive Working Load Limit of 3300 LBS, our 8 Point Auto Tie Down Towing Kit is engineered to meet the demands of towing professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Trust in the strength and quality of this kit to ensure the safety of your valuable cargo during transport.

Upgrade your towing equipment today with the confidence that comes from a dependable and efficient tie-down system. Invest in the 8 Point Auto Tie Down Towing Kit and experience peace of mind on the road. Your vehicles deserve nothing less.

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