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6 Ton Chain Come Along Lever Chain Hoist Lift

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Original price $416.97
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Introducing our Heavy-Duty 6 Ton Chain Puller Chain Hoist Ratchet Lever Lift - Your Ultimate Lifting Solution!

Power Meets Precision

When it comes to lifting the heaviest loads with ease and precision, our 6 Ton Chain Hoist System sets the industry standard. Engineered for the most demanding tasks, this hoist offers a range of features that make your lifting operations smooth and efficient.


  • Rated Capacity: 6 Ton
  • Tested Load: 7.65 Ton
  • Standard Lift: 5', 10' / 2 Sizes Available
  • Chain diameter: 13/32"
  • Between Hook Distance: 23-5/8"
  • Handle length: 16-1/7"
  • Top Hook Opening Max: 1-5/8'
  • Net weight: 70.5 LBS
  • Minimum Working Load: 134 LBS
  • Effort Required to Lift Rated Load: 81 LBS

Key Features:

1. Effortless Lifting: Say goodbye to strenuous lifting. Our 6-ton chain hoist boasts easy free chaining, allowing you to effortlessly position your load exactly where you need it.

2. Complete Control: With a full 360° handle rotation, you have unparalleled control in any direction. Maneuver your load with ease and precision, even in tight spaces.

3. Dependable Disc Brake: Safety is paramount, and our hoist system ensures it. The reliable disc brake securely holds the load in free chain mode, guaranteeing peace of mind while you work.

4. Premium Alloy Chain: Crafted from premium alloy, our chain is as tough as they come. It's built to withstand harsh conditions and provide enduring performance.

5. Robust Hooks: This chain hoist is equipped with hardened top and bottom shipyard hooks for extra strength and durability. They ensure a secure grip on your load, enhancing safety.

6. Minimal Effort: We value your energy. With a short handle stroke requiring just about 81 pounds of effort, you can work efficiently without unnecessary strain.

7. Minimum Load Requirement: To ensure optimal performance and safety, a minimum load of 134 pounds is necessary for this chain puller to operate effectively.


  • Rated Capacity: 6 Tons – This robust hoist is designed to tackle the heaviest loads with ease.
  • Tested Load: 7.65 Tons – Tested and proven for reliability, offering an additional safety margin for your peace of mind.
  • Standard Lift Options: Choose from two standard lift options: 5' and 10', providing versatility to meet your lifting needs.
  • Chain Diameter: 13/32 inches – A sturdy and reliable chain that you can trust.
  • Between Hook Distance: 23-5/8 inches – Ample space for secure load attachment.
  • Handle Length: 16-1/7 inches – Featuring a comfortable grip and full 360° rotation for effortless operation.
  • Top Hook Opening Max: 1-5/8 inches – Ensures a secure fit on various anchor points.
  • Net Weight: 70.5 lbs – Solid yet manageable for transport and use.

Elevate your lifting capabilities to a new level with our 6 Ton Chain Puller Chain Hoist Ratchet Lever Lift. Whether you're in heavy construction, industrial manufacturing, or any profession requiring heavy-duty lifting, this hoist is the ultimate tool for your toughest tasks. Safety, efficiency, and durability – all combined in one exceptional package. It's time to experience superior lifting performance.

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