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5/8''X8 Wheel Sling Recovery Sling Cordura 6" Sling Eyes

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5/8''X8 Eye Eye Wheel Sling Cordura with 6" Sling Eyes 10280 LBS

The Eye Eye Wheel Sling is the perfect size for attaching to aluminum rim vent holes. Simply feed one end of the sling into a rim hole (from the outside in) and run it back through another hole (from the inside out) creating a basket with the sling. You can hook directly to the sling eyes or use a shackle if there is any kind of veer angle. Should the cordura get cut, the strap is still safe to use, just reposition the cordura. Best suited for aluminum rim attachments, but can be used in many other applications within working load limit.


  • Width(Dia.): 5/8''
  • Length: 8'
  • Vertical WLL: 10,280 LBS
  • Choker WLL: 8,224 LBS
  • Basket WLL: 20,560 LBS


  • Slimmer synthetic rope maintains higher WLL
  • Protective cordura sleeve over entire sling
  • Special braid guard at center of sling for extended life
  • 6" sling eyes

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