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5/16'' J Hook Tow Chain Long Shank RTJ Cluster Eye Grab Hook

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5/16'' J Hook Chain Tow Truck Long Shank RTJ Hook Cluster Grab Hook Grade 70

This J hook tow chain is for auto transport, towing and wrecking industries, this 5/16' tow chain features 15''J hook one end, RTJ hook cluster another end.


  • Working Load Limit: 4700LBS
  • Chain Grade: 70
  • Chain Length: 6 Ft or 10 Ft.
  • Chain Diameter: 5/16 in.
  • Main Hook: 15'' Long Shank J Hook
  • Vehicle Hook: R T J Hook Cluster w/ Grab Hook

We also have 5/16''x10'' J hook tow chain with same spec available, if you're looking for more tow chains, check out following items:

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  • Tow Chain RTJ Cluster Hooks Pear Link Grab Hooks 5 ft.

Please check out our tow chain section for more information.

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