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5/16'' Binder Chain Transport Chain Grade 70

Original price $14.00 - Original price $124.00
Original price
$14.00 - $124.00
Current price $42.00
Enhance the safety and efficiency of your load-securing tasks with our premium 5/16'' Binder Chain Transport Chain, Grade 70. Specifically designed to provide maximum reliability and durability, this chain is an essential tool for a wide range of transport and binding applications. Its robust construction ensures your cargo is securely fastened, giving you peace of mind during transit.

Key Features:
  • High Working Load Limit: With a working load limit of 4700 lb., this chain is built to handle heavy-duty securing tasks, ensuring your cargo stays in place.
  • Exceptional Breaking Strength: Boasts a breaking strength of 18,800 lb., providing an extra layer of security and durability for your most demanding loads.
  • Gold Finish: Not only is this chain highly functional, but it also features a striking gold finish for easy identification and added corrosion resistance.
  • Safety Compliance: Designed exclusively for binding and transport applications, with a clear advisory against use for overhead lifting.
  • DOT Approved: Meets all Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements, ensuring it complies with stringent safety and performance standards.

  • Whether you're securing equipment for transport, binding items for storage, or any other application requiring robust chain support, our 5/16'' Binder Chain Transport Chain, Grade 70, offers the strength, durability, and reliability you need.

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