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30'' Silver Snatcher for Lockout and Repossession

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Introducing the 30'' Silver Snatcher for Lockout and Repossession – a high-quality and durable tool designed to meet your unlocking and door-handling needs. Crafted with precision and built to last, this Silver Snatcher is the ultimate choice for professionals in the field.

Key Features:

Versatile Design: The Silver Snatcher is expertly designed to excel in unlocking both vertical pull-up locks and lassoing door handles in vehicles, offering versatility in its application.

Easy-to-Use: To maximize the effectiveness of this tool, begin by using the Best Tools Super Grooved Wedge to gently create a gap between the door and the frame, with the grooves facing outward. Then, insert the Best Tools Air Wedge to further expand the gap. With one or two air wedges, you can safely create enough space to insert the Silver Snatcher.

Secure Lassoing: The Silver Snatcher features a loop that can be gently lassoed around vertical locks or used to grab door handles securely, allowing you to efficiently complete lockout and repossession tasks.

Durable Construction: This tool is built to withstand the demands of professional use. The wiring is strong, and the quality handle ensures a comfortable and reliable grip.

Scratch Prevention: Each Silver Snatcher now comes with a plastic tubing to help prevent scratching, ensuring that you can handle locks and handles without damaging surfaces.

When it comes to lockout and repossession tasks, trust in the quality and reliability of the 30'' Silver Snatcher to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Order today and experience the difference in ease and performance for yourself!

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