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2"x12' Ratchet Strap w/ Wire Hooks Forged D Ring Heavy Duty

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A 2"x12' ratchet strap with wire hooks is a type of tie-down strap commonly used for securing cargo during transportation. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

  • Working Load Limit: 3333LBS
  • Break Strength: 10,000LBS
  • Attaches quickly for flatbed, trucks, vans, pickups, semis, etc.
  • Tough polyester webbing.

Size: The strap has a width of 2 inches and a length of 12 feet. This length allows for versatile use in various applications.

Ratchet Mechanism: The strap features a ratchet mechanism that allows for easy tightening and securement. The ratchet handle typically has a release lever that enables quick and controlled release of tension.

Wire Hooks: The strap is equipped with wire hooks on each end. These hooks are designed to securely anchor the strap to anchor points on trucks, trailers, or other surfaces. The wire hooks have a sturdy construction and can latch onto various types of anchor points.

Strength and Load Capacity: Ratchet straps are typically made of durable polyester webbing material that provides strength and resistance to stretching. The load capacity of the strap will depend on its specific rating, which is often indicated by the manufacturer. It's important to use the strap within its designated load capacity to ensure safe and effective cargo securement.

Versatility: The 2"x12' size of this ratchet strap makes it suitable for various applications, including securing motorcycles, ATVs, equipment, furniture, and other cargo during transportation.

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