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21'' Wireless Tow Light Bar Only Diamond Thread

by Towmate
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The 21" Wireless Magnetic Taillight System is designed to enhance vehicle safety with its comprehensive lighting features. This innovative light bar ensures that your vehicle's stop, tail, and turn signals are clearly visible, making it an essential addition for any trailer, RV, or other large vehicles.

 Key Features:

 Efficient Signal Functionality

  Stop, Tail, and Turn Signals: Provides clear and distinct signals for stopping, tailing, and turning.
  Brake Function: Activates the red light to signal braking.
  Turn Signals: Illuminates the appropriate side of the red strip and the corresponding amber light for left or right turns.

- Seamless Compatibility
  Designed to work seamlessly with red wire transmitters, ensuring reliable performance.

- Extended Operational Range
  Boasts an impressive operational range of up to 1000 feet, providing flexibility and reliability in various environments.

- Power and Battery Life
   Equipped with a single 12V1.2AH battery, the system offers up to 10 hours of use on a single charge.
   Recharges easily from a 12V power source, ensuring the system is always ready for use.

- Durable Construction
   Constructed with durable PVC housing, providing robust protection against the elements and ensuring longevity.

- Lifetime Warranty
  - Comes with a lifetime warranty on electronics and LEDs, giving you peace of mind with your purchase.

 Package Includes:
- Light Bar The main component providing all necessary lighting functions.
- Foot Covers: For secure mounting and protection.
- Instructions: Detailed guidelines to ensure easy installation and operation.

This wireless magnetic taillight system is a reliable and efficient solution for enhancing vehicle visibility and safety on the road.

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