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2''x6' Nylon Lift Sling Straight Eye Eye 2 Ply 6400 Lbs Vertical

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Nylon Lift Sling 2 in.x6 ft. Straight Eye & Eye 2 Ply 6400 Lbs Vertical

This 2 in. nylon lift sling 2 ply 6 ft is made from heavy duty industrial material. The safety factor is 5 to 1 as required by OSHA. There are three basic sling hitches that allow the sling to lift up to 12,800 lbs. Be sure to read and follow all use and safety information provided with the sling, failure to do so may result in severe INJURY or DEATH due to sling failure and/or loss of loads.


  • Vertical: 6400 Lbs
  • Choker: 5000 Lbs
  • Basket: 12,800 Lbs
  • Width: 2 Inch
  • Length: 6 Feet

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We also have polyester round slings and chain slings available. The quality of lift slings is critical for any lifting applications, we only offer the best quality slings. And due to the safety risks associated with used materials we do not accept return of lift slings.

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