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1/2" X 10' Chain Hook Assembly Grade 100

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Introducing our 1/2" X 10' Chain Hook Assembly Grade 100 – the ultimate solution for your heavy-duty lifting and securing needs. This Grade 100 chain assembly is designed to deliver exceptional strength, durability, and versatility, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications.

Key Features:

Grade 100 Construction: Crafted from high-strength Grade 100 alloy steel, this chain hook assembly is engineered to meet and exceed industry standards for strength and performance. Grade 100 chains are known for their superior strength and reliability.

  • 7/8" Alloy Master Link: The assembly includes a 7/8" alloy master link painted in a striking blue color. This master link provides a secure and robust anchor point for your lifting or securing needs.
  • Two 1/2" Connecting Links: The assembly also comes with two 1/2" connecting links that offer versatile attachment options for various load configurations.
  •  1/2" Eye Grab Hook and Clevis Sling Hook: Two types of hooks are included in this assembly - a 1/2" eye grab hook and a 1/2" clevis sling hook with a latch. These hooks are designed for easy attachment and secure gripping, ensuring that your cargo remains firmly in place during transport.
  •  Impressive Working Load Limit: With a working load limit (WLL) of 15,000 pounds, this chain hook assembly provides you with the confidence to tackle heavy lifting and securing tasks while adhering to safety guidelines.

Whether you're lifting heavy machinery, securing construction materials, or performing any other heavy-duty task, our 1/2" X 10' Chain Hook Assembly Grade 100 has you covered.

Choose this assembly for its exceptional Grade 100 quality, versatile components, and impressive working load limit. It's your reliable partner in ensuring cargo safety and effective load management. Order today and experience the difference in efficiency and peace of mind!


  • Grade 100
  • 7/8" Alloy Master Link Grade 100 Painted Blue
  • Two 1/2" Connecting Links 1/2" Eye Grab Hook, 1/2" Clevis Sling Hook w/ Latch
  • WLL: 15,000 LBS

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