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Blue EYE/EYE Round Sling W/Polyester Sleeve

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Blue EYE/EYE Round Sling W/Polyester Sleeve

  • VERTICAL WLL: 23,000 LBS vertical
  • CHOKER: 18,400 LBS 
  • BASKET: 46,000 LBA

Introducing our versatile and durable Blue EYE/EYE Round Sling with Polyester Sleeve – the perfect solution for your lifting and rigging needs. This innovative lifting sling is designed to provide exceptional strength, flexibility, and protection, making it an essential tool in various industries, from construction and manufacturing to transportation and material handling.

Key Features:
1. High-Quality Materials: Our Blue EYE/EYE Round Sling is constructed from premium-grade polyester material, known for its excellent tensile strength and resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and UV rays. This ensures the longevity and reliability of the sling, even under demanding conditions.

2. Polyester Sleeve: The sling comes equipped with a durable polyester sleeve, adding an extra layer of protection to the load-bearing fibers. The sleeve acts as a shield against external elements, reducing the risk of damage and extending the sling's lifespan.

3. Versatility: The EYE/EYE configuration provides a practical solution for various lifting applications. Each end of the sling features a loop (eye) design, allowing for easy attachment to crane hooks, hoists, or other lifting devices. The flexibility of this sling design accommodates different load shapes and sizes.

4. Color-Coded: The distinctive blue color of the sling facilitates easy identification and differentiation from other lifting equipment, promoting safe and efficient handling in busy work environments.

5. Lightweight and Flexible: The lightweight construction of the sling ensures easy portability and handling, minimizing the burden on the operators during rigging and lifting operations. Its flexibility allows for efficient and secure lifting in tight or challenging spaces.

6. Working Load Limit (WLL) Indication: For added safety, the sling is clearly marked with its Working Load Limit, providing users with a quick reference to the maximum weight the sling can safely lift.

7. Compliant with Safety Standards: Our Blue EYE/EYE Round Sling with Polyester Sleeve complies with industry safety standards, ensuring your operations meet necessary safety requirements.

This versatile lifting sling finds applications in a wide range of industries, including:

- Construction: Ideal for lifting heavy construction materials, steel beams, and other equipment on the job site.
- Manufacturing: Efficiently moves machinery and industrial components during production processes.
- Material Handling: Suitable for loading and unloading cargo in warehouses, shipping yards, and distribution centers.
- Transportation: Facilitates safe and secure lifting of loads onto trucks, trailers, or ships.

Make your lifting and rigging operations more efficient, secure, and reliable with our Blue EYE/EYE Round Sling with Polyester Sleeve. Trust in its robust construction and enhanced protection to tackle your most demanding lifting challenges. Safety and performance are at the core of this product, making it an essential asset in any lifting toolkit.

Remember our ME Quality Guarantee: Your 30-Day Satisfaction Assurance

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