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Grade 100 1/2'' Binder Chain Transport Chain w/ Hooks

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1/2'' Grade 100 Binder Chain Transport Chain 15 ft.

Introducing our 1/2-Inch Grade 100 Binder Chain, a powerhouse in transport chain technology, offering exceptional strength, durability, and reliability for your heavy-duty load-securing needs. This 15-foot chain is designed to outperform its predecessors, boasting impressive specifications and top-notch construction.

**Key Features:**

**Grade 100 Alloy Steel:** Crafted from premium Grade 100 alloy steel, this transport binder chain is the epitome of strength and resilience. It is heat-treated to enhance its durability and provide exceptional performance even in demanding conditions.

**25% Stronger Than Grade 80:** With a staggering 15,000 lbs Working Load Limit (WLL), this chain is 25% stronger than its Grade 80 counterpart. Its unmatched strength ensures that it can handle the most substantial loads with ease.

**Grade 100 Marking and Steel Tag:** For clear identification and traceability, this chain features Grade 100 marking and comes with a steel tag. This ensures that you can easily verify its specifications and origin, adding to its reliability and authenticity.

**Black Rust Preventative Coating:** The black rust preventative coating not only enhances the chain's durability but also provides resistance against corrosion, extending its lifespan and maintaining its pristine appearance.

**Ultimate Load Strength:** With a Breaking Strength (Ultimate Load/Tensile Strength) of 60,000 lbs, this chain is engineered to withstand extreme loads, providing you with an extra margin of safety and peace of mind.

**ME (Manufacturer Express) Brand:** Rest assured, this chain bears the reputable ME (Manufacturer Express) brand, known for delivering high-quality and reliable products.

Upgrade your cargo securing equipment to the pinnacle of strength and performance with our 1/2-Inch Grade 100 Binder Chain. Its exceptional specifications, combined with the ME brand's trustworthiness, make it the ultimate choice for professionals who demand the very best in load-securing technology. Secure your loads with confidence, knowing you have a chain that's engineered to excel in the toughest conditions. Invest in excellence today!

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