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KeyHole T Hook for Cage Strap

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KeyHole T Hook for Cage Strap

Designed for towing cage straps, this grade 70 key hole hook is strong and reliable for your most important towing job.

  • Fastner Material: Stainless Steel
  • Working Load Limit: 4700 LBS
  • Grade: 70

The KeyHole T Hook for Cage Strap is a reliable and user-friendly hardware component designed to securely fasten cage straps in various applications. Its keyhole-shaped design allows for effortless attachment and detachment of the strap, ensuring a secure connection while simplifying the strap handling process. Made from durable materials, this T-shaped hook provides a stable and dependable connection, preventing slippage or accidental disengagement. It is compatible with standard cage strap sizes and finds versatile use in industries such as transportation, logistics, and material handling. Choose the KeyHole T Hook for Cage Strap to enhance the safety and stability of your cargo or equipment during transport or storage.

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