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4'' Weld On Winch Truck Tie Down Low Profile

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4 in. Weld On Winch Truck Tie Down Low Profile

Our 4 in. Weld On Truck Winch Low Profile holds approx. 25’ of web. Weld on for permanent application. Our winches comply with all DOT and CHP(California Highway Patrol) regulations, and these sturdy winches comply with WSTDA-T3 standard and Canadian Standard 905 as well.This winch also features seamless steel mandrel, sturdy alloy pawl pin and power coatings, these characteristics make this 4in low profile winch abrasion and rust resistant. This winch is a right hand model.

Working Load Limit: 5,500LBS

You can use following winch straps with this winch:

  • 4in x 27ft Winch Strap
  • 4in x 30ft Winch Strap
  • 4in x 35ft Winch Strap
  • 4in x 40ft Winch Strap

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  • 2 in.. Lashing Winch

With our weld on and sliding winch for flatbed truck trailer, you have the cargo securement solutions you are always looking for, and you have choices between high durable and regular heavy duty winch straps, whichever will suit your cargo control needs.

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