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2"x12" E Track Rope Tie Off W/ Spring E-Fittings Both End

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2"x6" Rope Tie Off W/ D-Ring & Spring E-Fitting

Our 2 in. by 6 in. e track rope tie off for rope or wire hook straps can be used with Series E Track, it can fit in any size e track, vertical or horizontal, since all e tracks are made to the standard size. The tie off is an extension to the e track, so that you can use whatever tie downs you see fit with the e tracks, we have similar ones such as e fitting with D ring and e fitting with O ring.

Breaking Strength: 3000 LBS
Working Load Limit: 1000 LBS

This E Track Tie Off will work with following e tracks:

  • 10 ft E Track Horizontal
  • 5 ft E Track Horizontal
  • 2 ft E Track Horizontal
  • 5 ft E Track Vertical

And we also offer e track straps:

  • 2 in. 12 ft. E Track Ratchet Strap
  • 2 in. 16 ft. E Track Ratchet Strap
  • 2 in. 12 ft. E Track Cam Strap
  • 2 in. 20 ft. E Track Cam Strap

With our e tracks and accessories you have the perfect interior van tie down system.

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