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24'' Cable Cutter Aluminum Handle for Wire Rope Aircraft Cable

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  • Type: Scissor Action Type
  • Wire Rope Size: up to 12mm or 1/2 in.

 The "24'' Cable Cutter Aluminum Handle for Wire Rope Aircraft Cable" is a specific type of cable cutter designed for cutting wire rope and aircraft cable. It features an aluminum handle, which provides durability and a lightweight construction for easie

With a length of 24 inches, this cable cutter offers a longer reach for cutting thicr handling.ker cables. It is specifically designed to handle wire rope and aircraft cable, making it suitable for various applications in industries such as construction, aerospace, and marine.

Please note that while the aluminum handle provides a sturdy grip and lightweight design, the cutting capacity of this cable cutter may vary. It is recommended to refer to the product specifications or contact the manufacturer for precise details regarding the maximum cutting capacity of this specific model.

We also offer 24'' bench type cable cutter.

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