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24'' Cable Cutter Bench Type Table Top for Wire Rope Aircraft Cable Cut Up To 3/8’’

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A 24" bench-type hand swager with a cutting capacity of 3/8" bolt cutter is a tool used for crimping and cutting wire ropes or cables.


  • Type: Bench Type
  • Cuts up to 3/8'' thick
  • This bench type bolt cutter is designed for cutting truck seals, chain, wire and bolts

     Size: The hand swager has a length of 24 inches. This size allows for sufficient leverage and control during the crimping and cutting process.

Bench-Type Design: The tool is designed to be used on a bench or sturdy surface. It typically features a base or mounting holes for secure attachment to a workbench, providing stability and support during operation.

Hand Swaging: Hand swaging is a process of using a tool to crimp or deform metal sleeves or fittings onto wire ropes or cables, creating a secure connection. The 24" bench-type hand swager is specifically designed for this purpose. It typically includes crimping dies of various sizes to accommodate different wire rope diameters.

Cutting Capacity: The tool is equipped with a bolt cutter feature with a cutting capacity of up to 3/8". This means it can effectively cut through bolts, wires, or cables up to 3/8" in diameter.

Versatility: The 24" bench-type hand swager is commonly used in applications such as rigging, fencing, marine operations, and general wire rope assemblies that require secure crimping and cutting.

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