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Bungee Cargo Net Heavy Duty 10 Plastic Hooks Black

Original price $19.50 - Original price $54.50
Original price
$19.50 - $54.50
Current price $19.50
SKU CN1858

Black Bungee Cargo Net Heavy Duty 12 Plastic Hooks for pick up truck / SUV / Sedan

Relaxed grid is 7''x 7''.     10 Sizes Available

Bungee cargo net is made of black heavy duty 1/4'' bungee cords, which are knotted together to form the cargo net, the way of making the net makes it resistance to stretch and pull, under normal circumstances the cargo net will never get loose due to knotted structure which is kind of self reinforced.

The product's size is the relaxed size, you can stretch this net to double the size without damaging it, this stretchability makes it not suitable for climbing or any applications that need low elongation.

You maybe interested in 10 sizes, we also offer load lock for commercial transportation.

And don't forget our bungee cords,

Our trunk nets are perfect fit for pick up trucks, SUVs and sedans, they will help you tie things down with great ease.

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