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1-1/4" Nickel Plated Swivel Eye Pulley Yellow

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1-1/4" Nickel Plated Swivel Type w/Single Pulley Yellow


  • Sheave Dia.: 1-1/4 in.
  • Max. Rope Size: 5/16 in.
  • Working Load Limit: 120 lbs.

The 1-1/4 in. swivel eye single pulley is copper/nickel plated with brass sheave, the flexibility and light duty nature of this pulley make it suitable for leisure projects and low demanding environment. This pulley features swivel eye, is't more flexbile than fixed eye pulley.These pulleys work with fiber rope or hemp rope. We have 3/4 in. to 2 in.single pulleys available.

Our 1-1/4" Nickel Plated Swivel Type with Single Pulley in a vibrant Yellow color – a versatile and efficient hardware solution for a wide range of lifting and rigging applications. This swivel type pulley is designed to provide smooth and reliable operation, allowing for easy movement and direction changes during lifting tasks.

Key Features:

1. Versatile Swivel Design: Our 1-1/4" Nickel Plated Swivel Type with Single Pulley offers a 360-degree swivel, allowing for easy rotation and flexibility in multiple directions. This versatile design enhances efficiency during lifting, pulling, and rigging operations.

2. Durable Nickel Plating: The pulley is nickel plated, providing enhanced durability and resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The protective plating ensures long-lasting performance in various environments.

3. Smooth Single Pulley Operation: The single pulley mechanism ensures smooth and efficient operation, reducing friction and enabling easy movement of loads. Its design minimizes wear and tear on the rope or cable, ensuring longevity.

4. Yellow Color for Easy Identification: This swivel type pulley is available in a vibrant Yellow color, making it easy to identify in busy work environments. The distinctive color aids in quick recognition and efficient use.

5. Reliable Load Capacity: With a robust construction and nickel plating, the swivel type pulley is capable of handling substantial loads, making it suitable for a variety of lifting and rigging tasks.


The 1-1/4" Nickel Plated Swivel Type with Single Pulley in Yellow is perfect for a wide range of lifting and rigging applications, including:

- Construction: Facilitating lifting and rigging tasks on construction sites, enabling efficient movement of building materials and equipment.
- DIY Projects: Supporting various DIY tasks that involve lifting or pulling heavy objects.
- Industrial Applications: Assisting in rigging and hoisting operations within industrial facilities.

Choose our 1-1/4" Nickel Plated Swivel Type with Single Pulley in Yellow for its versatility, durability, and ease of use. Experience confidence in your lifting and rigging tasks, knowing you have a reliable hardware solution that delivers optimal performance. Elevate your projects with efficiency and ease using our Swivel Type Pulley in Yellow.

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